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Why do some products have a *Price Drop*

Thanks to our customers we are growing and negotiating better prices based on more quantities of popular items and sizes. So, naturally we are passing the savings on to you! Look for the word *Price Drop* in the titles to indicate some sizes in that style have had pretty great savings applied. Plus you get the qauntity breaks too!

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Direct Discounts and Store Credit

Average customer order savings is 24%

1. Volume discounts on everything! Save a little or a lot on multiples of 3 or more. Prices are automatically calculated in your cart.

2. Direct discount based on your whole order total - Save up to 15% instantly by entering the relevant discount code based on how much you spend. Show Discount Codes (You must be logged in to view)

3. Store credit of up to 10% can is earned automatically on each order of $250 or more.

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Pre-Sterilized Jewelry or Custom Sterilizing Available

We carry pre-sterilized eo gas pieces in Titanium and Surgical Steel at affordable prices.

You can also order any piece from our website to be sterilized in house with the Sterilize my jewelry option!

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Don't have an autoclave? No problem.

You have 2 options: choose from our selection of pre-sterilized jewelry pieces or we can autoclave your items in-house. Your in-house autoclaved jewelry will have internal and external indicators as well as you will receive the printout information for your load(s) and all loads are tracked and monitored as per Health Canada requirements.

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Order custom colored jewelry!

Everyone loves to customize their jewelry with color! Any titanium piece can be anodized and is safe to pierce in as it is not a chemical plating that will irritate a fresh piercing.

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We stock Canadian products whenever possible

As you shop you will see that we try to support Canadian Companies whenever possible. The Pierced Moose Aftercare, On Point Piercing Tools, Valuemed and Stevens Medical are all Canadian businesses! We have new jewelry arriving each month so check back often.